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These fans are suitable where a relatively high volume of air displacement is required such as large auditoriums, warehouses, railway platforms, assembly shops, stadium, depot, workshops, and factories. These fans are made of metal for longevity and durability.

Ideal for places where the movement of a large volume of air is necessary, such as cinema halls, auditoriums, hotels, restaurants, lobbies, workshops, etc.

Sturdily built, sleek and elegant Typhoon Air Circulators are specially designed for large air delivery, noise-free smooth running, and dependable performance.

Available in several models – 2 winged, 4 winged, Pedestal and Bracket types. Comes in pleasing two-tone color combination and also in other combination as per the customer’s choice. The product range is tested to I.S. Specification No. 2997 – 1964.

A power-packed totally enclosed capacitor type motor is specially designed for optimum performance. Provided with double ball bearings for extra durability.

The broad-winged integrally cast aluminum impeller sets a large volume of air into far-reaching movement and is effective up to a distance of little over 15 meters (50 ft.)

Special Features :

  • The height of the pedestal type can be raised by 250 mm with telescopic arrangement in the vertical column.
  • Choke type/Auto Transformer type regulator provides three running speeds plus off point. The regulator is an integral part of the pedestal type with an optional accessory for the bracket type.
  • The angle of air discharge can be adjusted vertically, upward or downward by 15o.
  • The sturdy pedestal base fitted with rubber pads ensures more stability.
  • Grouting arrangement of the bracket type is totally enclosed.
  • Typhoon Circulators are available in 230 volts-single phase or 400 volts-three phase 50 cycles A.C. supply.
  • Totally enclosed capacitor run motor with double ball bearing.
  • The motors are provided with class ‘E’ insulation.
  • Dynamically balanced impellers.
  • Low power consumption.


Wall Mounted/ Bracket Type :

The bracket type fan can be installed on either a wall or pillar. These fans can be swiveled or tilted to the desired direction and are most suitable where there is a shortage of floor space.

Pedestal type :

The pedestal type fan can be easily shifted from one place to another if required and is provided with a tilting facility. The fan comes with a three-core PVC cable line cord along with three pins molded plug.

Technical Specification :



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